Karolina Budukevičiūtė

Costume stylist

Karolina Budukevičiūtė (Photo) - Costume stylist

Karolina Budukevičiūtė

I have been working as a solo stylist since 2013.

I have been involved in the pre-production and on-set production of multiple campaigns, TV commercials, and advertisements for various brands.

I have gained immeasurable knowledge by working on prime-time TV shows: Comedy, talk shows, talent shows (Gero vakaro show, Klauskite daktaro show, Kadagys talent show).
In addition, I have styled photo shoots for commercial brand catalogues; been involved in runway projects; and crafted my own KABA jewelry brand.
I also used to organize, plan and set the curriculum for the personal styling courses.

I attended the FCI Fashion School in Los Angeles, where I got numerous internships at successful and well known brand showrooms. designers, and fashion shows.
I have a Master’s degree in Communication, which I utilized when I wrote articles on street-style trends for an online fashion magazine.

Getting to know the fashion industry from different angles has truly broadened my view. Moving onward as a self-made, determined costume stylist, I am keen on continuing my growth within the fashion industry.